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Small Business Acquisitions

We make direct strategic investments in small businesses, partnering with owners who wish to extend their legacy through the sale of their company. 

Our Values

Intentional Leadership

We communicate with integrity, lead from the front, and empower our teams to grow, succeed, fail, and overcome



We continuously seek opportunities to add value - in our projects, in our people, and in our relationships.



We are run by operators and are able to read and tell the story beyond just the numbers.

Nimble &


We acknowledge the fact that no two situations are created equal, and we thrive in an environment that rewards adaptability.

about us
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Blue Line Ventures is an operating company first, and an investment company second.

Our team's passion and background rests in helping small business owners and investors achieve their goals through sale or acquisition. We do this across industries and help our clients focus on team design, process optimization, and systems development.

We make direct investments in businesses that fit our personal investment thesis and that align with our specific industry focus. We are skilled in creating flexible finance solutions and are backed by a leadership team with a proven history of business growth and operational excellence.

Our Approach


  • Targeted investments and partnerships in certain industries

  • Permanent Equity focus – we are in it for the long haul

  • Empowering our leadership teams in operating companies to thrive and grow in all ways


  • Small business pre-M&A strategy, sale preparation and valuation services

  • Seller representation in acquisitions

  • Deep expertise in post-merger integration, strategy management consulting, outsourced CFO services, deal structure and capital raising, and operations in multiple industries


When we invest in a company, we are in it for the long haul

Unlike traditional Private Equity, which has short time horizons and hence can make operating decisions that may not always serve long-term value creation, we employ a longer-term perspective that promotes sustainable growth, engages management teams in their professional development, and creates value that allows buyers, sellers, and employees alike to realize their goals.

Cheerful Business Meeting
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