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Strategic Investments in Companies That Fit Our Thesis

Partner with Blueline to extend your legacy

We partner with business owners who want their companies and people to thrive long beyond their time at the helm. When we invest in a company, we partner with the existing management team to development long-term, sustainable growth plans. We call this permanent equity - we do not make short term decisions with the goal of a quick exit. 

Our Investment Thesis

Partner with Management Team

We invest in companies that have strong management teams in place who are excited about the future of the company. We view them as our partners, and play active roles in their growth.

Flexible Deal Structures

No two transactions are created equal. We always explore structures that create win-wins for all parties, and are open to using creativity when it makes sense.



Buy, Hold, Grow

We look for companies that are worth owning for a long time. It is rewarding to extend the legacy a seller has created and we are skilled at installing high  performing systems and teams.

Industry Focus

We believe that diversity in our advisory practice is good, but too much diversity in our investment portfolio can be distracting. We invest in home health and aging population, niche manufacturing, and B2B service companies.

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