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Small Business M&A Advisory



The Lower-Middle market is underserved, but still makes up the majority of our economy. We can help.

Our team's passion and background lie in helping small business owners and investors achieve their goals through sale or acquisition.  With the largest generation in our history nearing retirement, and knowing that almost $10 TRILLION of business value will need to transfer to the next generation over the coming decade or so, we are poised to aid in that transition.  We do this across industries and help our clients focus on team design, process optimization, and systems development - all elements that, if done right, add value to any transaction.

Business Valuation and
Sale Preparation

We help our clients understand the current value of their business. Beyond that, we identify the key drivers of that valuation and make recommendations that help owners maximize their business' value. In many cases, small systemic changes can produce outsized rewards when entering into a business sale.

Client Representation throughout the Sale Process

Selling a business is a complex endeavor.  We run the entire process for our clients, from marketing the business and finding prospectives buyers, to fielding offers and assisting in negotiation, all the way through due diligence and closing.  

Post-merger Integration Management

The work to bring value to a transaction is not finished at closing. After any ownership change, thoughtful integration is key to value realization, including development of systems, processes, people, culture, and other elements. Our toolset includes a proven post-merger integration framework that helps our clients maximize value over time.

Our Approach

Throughout the process, we act as gatekeepers, enabling our clients to focus all of their energy on their business, while we handle the communications and negotiations on their behalf, while collaborating with subject matter experts when needed.  When potential sticking points arise, we apply our experience to tactfully and respectfully address them, as well as proactively approach known hurdles, rather than avoiding them. We quarterback the process from start to finish for our clients, ensuring they maximize their value, achieve their goals, and minimize any headaches along the way.

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